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Van Biljon Barnardo Architects was established in 1992.

Our team, headed by directors Peet van Biljon, Arnold Barnardo and Jaco Serfontein, are a creative and dynamic group of individuals working together with a shared vision of providing architectural solutions to our clients.

Together, we strive for contemporary design solutions that are client specific, site sensitive and environmentally responsible.


Good design should accompany a strong code of behaviour and we have built VBBA on a firm foundation, driven by three cornerstone principles:

Design Values

  1. We endeavour to be client specific. We offer personalised ideas and design solutions based on analysis and understanding of our client needs.
  2. We are sensitive to context. A construction cannot be viewed simply at face value, architecture goes beyond not only meeting a client’s brief but requires us to comprehend the depths a building’s presence has in a social context.
  3. We are environmentally responsible. Our designs should not only enrich their intended but should cause no damage or hindrance to the landscape that it inhabits.


VBBA are registered with the following organisations:
  • South African Institute of Professional Architects (SIAA)

  • South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)

  • Cape Institute of Architects (CIA)

  • Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners (APHP)

  • Western Cape Supplier Data Base

We operate on uncompromising core values and are defined by how we:
  • Provide quality, responsive service that fits our client’s vision and budget.

  • Offer an innovative and pragmatic approach to design and construction.

  • Operate with respect for the natural and built environment.

  • Offer meaningful solutions through the designing process.

  • Evaluate project outcomes in order to learn and grow.

  • Will always take responsibility for our actions.

  • Set high standards for ourselves and members of the building team.

  • Support the local and Western Cape business community of specialist manufacturers, craftsmen and artists.

Our business model is rooted in the way in which we work as a team, and how we treat each member of staff. This translates into a strong work ethic that promises to:
  • Ensure that our working environment contributes towards staff wellness and personal growth.

  • Promote further studying by giving adequate time off, as well as bursaries.

  • Offer incentives for staff to realise new projects.

  • Give disability and life cover for all employees.

  • Promote social interaction and support.